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Clarke Financial specializes in helping individuals answer the common questions of, “Am I okay?”, “Can I live the life I want to live?”. We do this by developing and implementing sound retirement strategies. Whether you are just starting out, 5 years from retirement, 5 years into retirement or beyond. We take a tax focused financial planning approach with an eye toward growing assets, protecting assets, controlling taxable income and the transfer of wealth.

There are opportunities for moves you can make 5 years leading to retirement, and 5 years into retirement that can significantly impact taxes over one’s lifetime, with the ripple effect on the portfolio being a multiple of that.



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Mutual Funds

Qualified Plans (401(k), Pension/Profit sharing plan, SEP IRA, Simple IRA)

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Variable Annuities

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Financial Planning

College Savings Plans

Employee Benefit Planning

Estate Plans

Retirement Planning

Social Security Planning

Succession Planning

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Disability Income Insurance

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